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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Types of Embroidery

Embroidery can be done by hand or machine. 
Hand Embroidery:-
The product of hand embroidery is more expensive than of machine the reason is that the hand embroidery is more tedious and laborious work. One piece of Fabric can be completed in a day or it can even take a month depend upon the design and work on the fabric. There are many Stitches which can be done by hand but there are few basic stitches that if anyone can learn that can make a design.

Basic stitches of hand embroidery:-

 These basic stitches are running stitch which are generally use for outlining, satin stitch and cross stitch  for filling the open area, French knot for doing small dots such as  eye or doing inner part of flowers etc. If one learns these basic stitch one can easily decorate their own fabric or make their own wall hanging etc. Many books are available in the market in which instruction are given for these basic stitches as well as others. I would suggest that beginner will pratice with small motifs. 

Machine Embroidery:-

Machine embroidery is one of the easiest and fastest techniques for decorating the cloth nowadays. In most of the companies where the embroidery is done in bulk machine embroidery is done instead of hand.  Much contemporary embroidery is done with a computerized embroidery machine using patterns "digitized" with embroidery software. Machine embroidery is used for logos or monograms on jackets, shirts etc. as well as it is also used in decorating household linens etc. These are some of my design for duvet cover,curtains,cushion cover which is done by computerized embroidery machine.

 different types of stitches  used in this computerized embroidery design

                                                 machine embroidery with sequins work


Sunday, December 11, 2011


It is one of the most common art work across globe used for decorating clothing as well as for creating wall hanging ,rugs and accessories. Things are crafted by both men and  Women. Besides decorating and creating wall hanging, rugs and accessories some of you also know that it serves a number of different purposes. In some parts of the world girls still work particularly beautiful embroideries for their trousseaux while hill tribe girls in northern Thailand decorate special costumes to wear in flirtation ceremonies.
Material Needed:-
          In embroidery the use of cotton, flax, wool and silk ground are universally used and it is done on the fabric with the help of needle. Along with threads beads, mirror, pearls and sequins are also used. In Ribbon embroidery narrow ribbon in silk or silk /Organza blend
Ribbon are most commonly used to create floral designs

Types of stitches:-

Stitches such as Satin Stitches, Chain Stitches and cross stitches are found virtually throughout the world. Before starting an embroidery one should keep in mind the types of fabric, ply of yarn and types of stitch to use because if you use all these things correctly the design will come out beautiful.