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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Change at times not only bring freshness but  is also rewarding ,With this thought in mind i looked beyond home furnishing designs and created calendar designs for homes  and businesses.

Hope you all like it . Write me your feedback .

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wow Thrilled to see my artwork on Textile Republic website

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Madhubani painting is one of the most famous art that came from Mithila Region Bihar, India. This is one of the most famous Indian folk art which is now popular all over the world. Earlier it was done by the women of Indian Villagers to decorate the wall of their houses but now it is used on paper and cloth.
                   These are some of my madhubani painting made on handmade paper. While making this painting a thought came to my mind why not share this method with everyone so that those interested  can also make and decorate it in their own houses or gift it to someone and impress them.
    Mentioned  below are materials needed and step by step procedure to make madhubani painting

Materials Needed
-Handmade paper or cloth
-Tracing paper
-Carbon paper
-Fabric paint (for cloth)
-poster color (for paper)
-Electric Iron (in case of cloth)


Step 1
Choose the design that you plan to depict in your Mithila painting. You can pick events from Hindu mythology.  Draw the required pattern on the tracing paper and copy design into cloth/paper using carbon sheet.
Step 2
While coloring one should keep in mind the colors are applied flat with no shading. After coloring is done let it dry for few hours.
Step 3
Once color dry out completely ,outline the entire design with black poster color or black pen
There is normally a double line drawn for the outlines, with the gap between the lines filled by cross or straight tiny lines. In the linear painting, no colors are applied. Only the outlines are drawn.
Step 4
After the outline is completed again let it dry for few hours.
Step 5

If painting on cloth iron on the back side of the cloth.

So go ahead and make a wall painting or bookmark or card or tablecloth or anything which ever you want to make and show your creative skill to your friends or relative s. Do post your comments in this blog about madhubani painting or any other query about madhubani painting. I’ll be happy to know your views and answer your question.